Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Secure Voice over IP: Zfone - Now Available for Windows

Philip R. Zimmerman, the creator of the PGP encryption software, has developed Zfone. Zfone is software for secure voice communication over the Internet (VoIP). Zfone is still in Beta testing, but is available as a free download from Zimmerman's web site. It just came out in a Windows version and there are also Mac OS X and Linux versions available.

The software encrypts voice communication from computer to computer (both computers have to be running Zfone), protecting both parties from someone listening and does so without having to manually create and hold special keys to decrypt the transmissions. The key exchange takes place automatically while calls are being set up. This eliminates the need for a third party for holding keys.

Currently it works with any industry standard VoIP software client (see Zimmerman's Zfone FAQ page for more details). This means it does not work with eBay's Skype, which has it's own encryption scheme. (German officials said they had technology for intercepting and decrypting Skype phone calls, according to reports from a recent conference in Cyprus).

Click here for more information and to download Zfone.

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