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East Coast Getaways: New York City

New York City is easily accessible from New Jersey. There is always plenty to see and do, particularly in the Manhattan area. It makes a great day trip. You can reach the city by driving up New Jersey's Turnpike or Parkway, but the best way is to take the train from New Jersey into the city.

I took such a trip in the beginning of January. My daughter was home from college with a college friend who had never been to New York City. We only had one day, so it was decided that we would take a train from Princeton Junction to Penn Station in New York City and visit Times Square, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center (which had ice skating and still had Christmas decorations), Macy's and a few other stores in the Times Square area, and just take in the sights, sounds and smells. We parked our car at Princeton Junction for the day, purchased tickets (machine or ticket window), then boarded the train that ended up in Penn Station, which is a large complex with underground shops and connections to the New York train system, the city subway system or exits to the outside streets. We had a late start, so we did not arrive in the city until about 11:30 am. However, we were able to see and do what we had set out to do and get back on the train by about 5:00pm.

We had fun, good exercise and enjoyed a great view of the city from atop the Empire State Building.

I took food, snacks and water with me. So, other than the parking, train and Empire State Building tickets, there were no other costs for me. However, there are plenty of places to eat and a wide variety of price ranges, although in general prices tend to run higher than what you would pay in your home area.

To help you plan your trip and to get the most out of your visit here are online sites that provide important information, tips and resources: - Visiting New York City - Tips for Enjoyment and Savings - is geared for international students and visitors but it has excellent information and tips for us out-of-towners to get to know New York, especially Manhattan area. Make sure you read their orientation topic pages:

See their Safety page for more tips.

Empire State Building - Get off at 34th Street to visit the top of the Empire State Building, which sadly on 11 September 2001 once again became the tallest building in New York. You'll experience remarkable views in every direction. In addition, you may explore the huge Macy's Department Store at Fifth and 34th Street.

There is a charge to go to the top of the building and there is always a line. No matter when you got into the city, you will always see tourists. The day we went was a cloudy, cold, damp and windy January day, but there were still thousands of tourists sight-seeing and we had to wait in line (although it was much shorter than during the peak of the tourist season) to get to the top.

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John C. Dvorak's New York City - Annotated Links - "Since my publishers are in New York I spend a lot of time there and need a web resource that I can rely on without having to trudge through the too-many links problem with Google. New York has far too may mediocre tourist and advice sites that are mostly advertisements or paid promotions. Many restaurant sites, for example, are mere listings or lame generalizations. The sites here are all useful and I've added a short annotation for convenience."

Web Cams:
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New York City has partnered with Google to create and a brand new Official NYC Information Center, located at 810 7th Avenue. New York City is helping visitors navigate the city by integrating Google Maps for mobile into the experience.