Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Filling Your Home With Winter Cheer - Part 1 of 3

In December, the chill of the weather outside is sharply contrasted by the warmth of holiday celebrations. It's a month marked by charity, family gatherings, and traditions both old and new. In that spirit, we'll share some tips to help make your holiday season a special one.

The is the first of a 3-part series taken from our December Newsletter that was e-mailed to all registered subscribers,
via our RE/MAX of New Jersey web site. We are looking at Christmas holiday season topics:

Decorating Made Easy
(Part 1)
Holiday Lighting Safety (Part 2)
Tips For The Holiday Party Host (Part3)

Decorating Made Easy

Creating holiday atmosphere in your home doesn't require a large investment of time and money, or the hiring of an interior decorator. Here are a few quick holiday decorating tips that can liven up your home this winter:

1) Choose a color scheme
Having an established color scheme will decide which decorations are right for you. You may choose the traditional blues and whites of Hanukah, the reds and greens associated with Christmas, or you may decide on something a bit more wild. Regardless, a home decorated with simple, coordinated touches will look better than an elaborately decorated but poorly planned home.

2) Put ornaments to use
Fill a clear glass bowl with colorful ball ornaments to create a piece that is as attractive as it is simple. Place other ornaments on a tray with candles of similar color to showcase your treasured favorites.

3) Display your holiday greetings
Holiday card displays are one of the most popular and simple holiday decorating techniques. Start a tradition for displaying cards in your home (try to think beyond magnets-on-the-fridge). Many people use cards as wall borders or to accent wreathes in their homes.

4) Sweet touch
Setting candy canes in elegant containers throughout your house is an easy way to spread color and holiday spirit. These can be very popular for those with a sweet tooth, so stockpile plenty of replacement canes. Also fill bowls with peppermint swirls or fresh cranberries.

5) Find those holiday oldies
Dig through your attic or garage and find your favorite old holiday records. These can be displayed (and preserved) in album cover frames to add musical nostalgia to your holiday décor.

6) Turn the lights down
Turn up the wintry holiday mood by turning your regular lighting down (or off). Use holiday lights and candles to make the rooms of your home feel more cozy and intimate. Remember that candles should never be left burning unattended and must be carefully placed.

7) Make it natural
Natural greens are simple but greatly improve the holiday flavor of your home. Make quick arrangements to be placed on side tables and countertops, hang evergreen swags along railings and from staircases, and place poinsettias in central locations (but away from doors or heat sources).

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